Proven credit control process 

Personalised service:    Tailored invoicing to suit your needs

Bill Medical offers a wide range of fee advice. Our industry knowledge gives you access to market benchmarks which can help you optimise your earnings.

Our team also specialise in CCSD coding advice. As the market continues to challenge Medical Professional fees, we work alongside these organisations to provide you with a vast array of CCSD coding knowledge, ensuring you receive the optimal fee for treatments.

The services have proven invaluable for our clients, helping them ensure they are pricing their fees appropriately. 


Here at Bill Medical, we understand the importance of seamless collection to optimise cash flow. We have therefore developed a proven credit control process, based on our years of experience, which enables efficient collection in minimal time, and helps us achieve the lowest bad debt in the industry.

Our electronic invoicing platform is linked to all major insurers, and notifies us almost immediately as to whether an invoice will be settled. This eliminates unnecessary chasing of invoices allowing us to focus on more valuable activities for our clients.

In our experience, the most likely bad debt offenders are self-pay patients or patients who have received a shortfall passed on by their insurance company. Our team have years of experience dealing directly with patients and fully understand the importance of providing an outstanding patient journey. Our professional, yet personable approach has helped us achieve the best industry collection rate for our clients.

We believe accurate reconciliations of your payments is as important as the collection process itself. With our proven collection process, our clients rest in the knowledge that all payments are correctly allocated on the same working day as receipt.

Our relentless attention to collection has enabled Bill Medical to reduce our clients’ aged debt by up to 30%.

CCSD coding principle advice

Seamless take-on for new clients

Same-day & e-Billing:    No delays, we invoice electronically as soon treatment advice received

Fee Benchmarks


Debt Recovery

Access to highly reputable debt recovery service

Our highly personable, effortless billing and collection services provide you, and your patients, with a secure and simple solution

Bill Medical offers a comprehensive billing service designed to obtain fast, accurate, debt-free payment for our clients. Our same-day billing ensures invoices are issued as soon as we have receipt of client instructions. Combined with our eBilling capabilities, this enables outstanding debt to be kept to a minimum. Our specialist medical billing software is linked to all major insurance companies, enabling us to submit invoices securely and instantly, and obtain authorisation promptly.

All our client practices are different, which is why we personalise our billing processes to suit you, and tailor templates to match yours and your patient’s particular needs .This helps eliminate payment delays, by ensuring your debtors receive all the relevant information in the appropriate format.

Our skilled team have extensive knowledge of CCSD coding rules and principles, which are embedded within our software. This allows us to advise you on optimum procedure code combinations to ensure you invoice for the right fees.

Years of experience invoicing Embassies, National Sports Clubs/Teams and Solicitors has enabled us to build strong relationships with these organisations, helping obtain fast and accurate payment for our clients.Type your paragraph here.

CCSD coding:                 Embedded in our systems to facilitate faster, more accurate payment

Many of our clients have accumulated a level of aged or bad debt prior to engaging our services. We make it a priority to ensure that transfer of this debt is an effortless and seamless process. To achieve this, your appointed billing expert will liaise directly with your existing administration staff and/or billing company.

Furthermore, it is of upmost importance to the Bill Medical team that these older debts are approached in a professional and sensitive manner – and our specialists have been trained specifically for this.

When necessary, and with our clients’ agreement, we can call on a highly reputable debt recovery service with over 30 years industry expertise. This results in a sensitive approach to eliminate bad debt, with excellent results: our clients benefiting from the lowest level of bad debt in the industry. 

Our specialist systems enable us to provide you with regular personalised reports, and respond to any ad-hoc enquiries you may have. We provide real-time data, whether you just want an overview of your account or a detailed case-by-case analysis. 

Potential to optimise fees

Extensive self-payer experience 

Real-time & personalised reporting

Accurate and timely reconciliations

Industry knowledge & benchmarks

Inclusive service for all our clients (no extra charges)

Personalised Medical Billing Services in London

Secure Industry links:  Highly secure, established links accelerate payment turnaround time

Electronic links to Insurers 

Lowest level of industry bad debt