‘I have used Bill Medical for my private practice medical billing and collection for nine months and I cannot praise them enough. Previously I was carrying out my billing personally. Using Bill Medical means I now have more time to concentrate on my clinical work. Not only that, but I was finding it increasingly difficult chasing the ever increasing patient shortfalls and excesses. The whole service is very efficient and excellent value.’ - Mr Simon Garrett, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - BMI The Winterbourne Hospital, Nuffield Health Bournemouth

'I have worked with Georgia for some time for my bill collection and had no hesitation in following her when she set up her own business. She is friendly, easy to contact and keeps me up-to-date regularly. Bill Medical collects my bills and invoices in a timely manner and makes it easy so it is one less thing to worry about. Bill Medical charges are reasonable and competitive. Above all, they offer an excellent service.' - Dr Mike Rossiter, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Bourne Sports Medicine

'Georgia came to our rescue in 2010 when we had accumulated several tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt. With great discretion and efficiency this was very quickly resolved with even previous debtors commenting on how smooth the process had been. It is with great regret we are losing Georgia to her new venture, Bill Medical, but I am quite sure her clear skill in this market will breed future great success' - Mr Ioan Tudur Jones, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Fortius Clinic

‘I have been extremely impressed in the way Bill Medical works. They have taken all the pressure off of my invoicing process in an extremely efficient way. I would recommend their services to anyone’ - Mr Colin Senior, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - BMI The Winterbourne Hospital


Our highly personable, effortless billing and collection services provide you, and your patients, with a secure and simple solution

'Bill Medical came highly recommended to me as a company who could sort out my billing issues and streamline payments into my business.  They have really changed things and have made my practice, which is convoluted and works out of many different centres, more efficient. They haven't disappointed.  Since coming on board, they have revolutionised the billing process and have really helped to push my business forward.  I cannot recommend Georgia and here team more and would advise anyone thinking of going to a billing company, which I think is the way to go, to use Bill Medical.' - Professor Adrian Wilson, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon' - BMI The Hampshire Clinic, Harley Street

'Georgia Whelan of Bill Medical has been in charge of my billing for many years now. They are prompt, efficient and extremely professional with insurance companies and patients alike.
Bill Medical take great pride in their work and foster excellent relationships with hospital and secretarial staff. My debt has always been kept to a minimum and I cannot recall a single complaint about a bill. I cannot recommend Bill Medical highly enough ' - Mr Nicholas Savva, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - BMI The Winterbourne Hospital

'I am more than pleased to provide a reference for Georgia Whelan of Bill Medical with whom I have worked with for 4 years. During that time she has carried out all my invoicing chased payments and managed bad debts.
Georgia has a vivacious and enthusiastic personality and is very keen to help. No problem was ever too big or too much trouble; Bill Medical are resilient in pursuit of bad debts and are not satisfied until they have been cleared, no matter what takes.
I no longer use Georgia as I am now retired but would have no hesitation on recommending Bill Medical's services to you.'- Raymond A. N. McIntosh, Senior Orthotist - The Lister Hospital/The Cromwell Hospital

'Georgia Whelan took over the management of my billing in 2010 and immediately set about clearing my aged debt going back some three years and continued to manage my billing until she left our company to set up on her own. Georgia was incredibly efficient, reconciled the accounts for me and ensured that the small errors in billing such as my inaccuracies with coding were corrected. She has always taken a personal approach with patients who have an insurance shortfall to ensure that this is managed effectively but also sensitively. When an aged debt is no longer acceptable she has been able to instigate court proceedings effectively. Overall Bill Medical offers an exceptional service to optimise cash-flow. I wish her all the best for her future career with her own business.'  - Mr James Calder, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Fortius Clinic

‘Bill Medical provided a seamless, professional transfer of my invoicing arrangements. The process was rapid, personal and painless. They have liaised with other providers to centralise historic debt and now provide an accurate single source of financial activity. Their invoicing is accurate, timely and reviewed to ensure a responsive reliable service' - Dr Michael Cooper, Consultant Anaesthetist - The Princess Grace Hospital/The London Clinic/RNOH/Spire Bushey Hospital

‘Bill Medical have looked after our private medical billing for the past year and have displayed a very high level of expertise , knowledge and efficiency.  Their service is always personable and this builds a high level of trust in the organisation of financial matters . I would thoroughly recommend their services to any new clients' - Dr Kate Hutchings, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Bourne Sports Medicine

'I can thoroughly recommend Bill Medical to anyone who wants a guaranteed solution to all billing issues. Georgia has undertaken my billing for over five years and it has been a completely stress free part of my practice. They are hard working, very attentive to detail and have an in depth knowledge of all things relating to billing. Bill Medical have provided a five star service to me as a client.' - Mr Robin Elliot, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - BMI The Hampshire Clinic